Q: I would like to make a team building reservation for a corporate event, who do I contact for more information?

A: Please email info@dix30.breakoutescapegame.com to book your event. Please include: the date, time, number of players, the names of the rooms you would like to play, as well as a cell phone number you can be reached at. Certain booking rules, terms and conditions apply for teambuilding (10 or more players), or multiple-room bookings (2 or more rooms) may apply. A nonrefundable, non-transferrable pre-payment in full, or a minimum number of players to guarantee your rooms may be required. Please email us directly for more information.


Q. I wish to have a marketing collaboration with Breakout. Who do I contact?

A. Kindly email your details/proposal to info@dix30.breakoutescapegame.com



Q. What is the recommended age limit?

A. Kids of 3 years old and under are not permitted inside the rooms


Q. Do you operate every day and what time is the last game session?

A. Yes, our store operates daily from 10am-10pm and our last game session is at 9pm except on Saturday we operate from 10am-12am and the last game session is at 10.30pm


Q. What is your operation time and each room’s time?

A. Our outlet operation is from 10am-10pm every day and you can check on each room’s time slot in our website. *Call to reserve for times outside our business hours.


Q. What if I made a booking but am late for the session?

A. Please be on time for your game session to avoid cancellation of your booking as late arrival will affect upcoming game sessions. Your punctuality is very much appreciated.


Q. How long does one game session last?

A. Each game session takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes; 15 minutes briefing and 60 minutes of gameplay plus an additional 5 minutes if the time bender character is chosen.


Q. What type of attire is suitable?

A. Comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to move around are recommended because there will be slight physical obstacles in the games.


Q: Do we need to bring indoor shoes?

A: Yes, please bring an extra pair of shoes to help keep our rooms clean!


Q. What if I have shopping bags and luggage with me?

A. Each room is provided with a locker to store personal belongings or shopping bags. Locker keys will then be handed to you to hold on to until game ends.


Q. Is the game suitable for the weak-hearted, pregnant ladies or those with disabilities?

A. Some of our games might have some surprise elements and minimal physical obstacles such as climbing or crawling. However, if they are not keen on continuing the game, our game masters will definitely guide them out of the room immediately as requested.


Q. Any special offers or discounts?

A. Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/breakoutdix30 or follow us on www.instagram.com/breakout_dix30 to keep yourself updated on special deals of the month!


Q. Do I have to make a booking online or can I walk in?

A. We would advise online booking to secure your game session, especially during the weekends.


Q. Do I need to come early?

A. Yes, please come 10-15 minutes early because your game starts at the time you reserved and we need to explain the rules and regulations before you play. Unfortunately, if you come late you risk losing time in your game!


Q. I tried to reserve online but the date I want is unavailable, how come I can’t reserve in advance?

A. You may only reserve up to two weeks in advance unless you have at least 10 people in your group.


Q. Where are you located?

A. You can find us at the DIX30 between the ALT Hotel and L’Étoile, next to Sirens. We have an exterior, street level entrance, suite #40.


Q. How do I book a room?

A. We encourage everyone to reserve online! Choose your date/time, the room you would like to play, the number of players, your name, number and email, then you pay when you get here.


Q. I made a reservation but I will be bringing more/less people with me to play. Do I need to call to let you know?

A. No, you do not need to call unless you are cancelling your reservation (24hrs notice please). It is a private room so you may bring up to 8 players. We take payment for the total number of players once you arrive.


Q. How many players can play?

A. Each room holds 2-8 players. For larger groups we suggest two or more rooms, or you can email us at info@dix30.breakoutescapegame.com for more information regarding large group


Q. Can kids play?

A. Yes, we have many families that come play together. Our rooms are not scary however some children may be too young (under 7) to enjoy the mysterious music so it is at the discretion/risk of the parent to determine if it is an appropriate activity.


Q. Can I reserve for my children’s birthday party?

A. Yes, we have many kids aged 9+ birthday parties play one or two games, as long as one paying adult is present. 


Q. I want to reserve for a large corporate event, or a private event for 10+ people, who do I contact for more information?

A. Please email us directly at info@dix30.breakoutescapegame.com. Please specify the number of people in your event, as well as the time and date you would like to reserve, and a manager will help you make your reservation.


Q. Are the games bilingual?

A. Yes, all games and staff are 100% bilingual.


Q.Are there refunds?

A. No, all sales are final. You have bought tickets to play our game, so once the game is played, no refunds will be given. Since no deposit is required at the time of booking, we ask that cancellations or postponements be made at least 24hr in advance by phone.